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9 февраля 2022.

Bathmate Hydropump

Bathmate HydropumpHydro pumps for men are a new type of pumps that use water instead of air. Bathmate hydropumps from the British manufacturer DX Products Ltd have rightfully become the leader in the world and Russian markets. Doctors, physiologists, sexologists, engineers and other narrow specialists participated in the development of the device. The result is a reliable, safe device that helps to solve erection problems and enlarge the penis.

Bathmate hydropumps

Bathmate hydroxtreme are made from safe materials. Powerful without causing damage or negative side effects. Simple and safe. The devices repeatedly participated in international exhibitions and became their winners.

Benefits of the Bathmate Hydropump

1. Enlargement of the penis by 10-15% in 10-15 minutes for 2-3 hours due to blood flow.
2. Gradual growth in length by 2-3 cm due to tissue growth.
3. Enlargement of penis size at rest.
4. Enlargement of the penis in girth by 1-2 cm.
5. Increased libido and improved potency.
6. Stronger and longer erection, vivid sensations from sex.
7. Harmony in intimate life, strengthening relationships with a partner.
8. Save time – only 20 minutes of training is required.
9. You can practice daily while taking a bath or shower.

Bathmate hydropumps https://bathmate.store do not provoke microtraumas and subcutaneous hemorrhages, since the penis is surrounded by warm water in them, and does not come into contact with a vacuum. Warm water warms the fabrics, making them more elastic for stretching.

Nozzle for Bathmate hydropump

The HydroVibe nozzle is a vibrating nozzle sold separately that enhances the capabilities of Bathmate hydropumps. The accessory is worn on the pump. Waterproof vibrating bullets can be used for both relaxation and excitement: ten modes of operation are available, each at a given frequency.

The HydroVibe is compatible with all models except the HydroXtreme11. With an accessory, the hydropump enlarges the penis more effectively.

The vibration nozzle is recharged via a USB cable, it takes two hours to fully charge.

The nozzle is compatible with silicone and water-based lubricants. After use, just wipe it with a damp antibacterial cloth.

How to use a penis hydropump

Fill the hydropump with warm water and press it against your pubis. Press several times, so that the corrugation at the base shrinks, while excess water leaves through the check valve. The corrugation in a compressed state tends to straighten out, creating tension with water pressure. This causes a powerful rush of blood to the tissues of the penis.